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Kindness of Bearer Recordings
mdi-tag Electronic | House
mdi-calendar Oct 15, 2021
Hampstead Heath
Dan Izco graces Kindness of Bearer Recordings with his first solo release, a gorgeous track entitled “Hampstead Heath” featuring Hannah Noelle on vocals. A skilled producer and versatile pianist, Dan shows his musical acumen on this elegant track; he was inspired to write the song whilst cycling to Hampstead Heath on a hot, sunny day in London, one of the first after months of being inside. He notes “the first lockdown in London had forced me to finally confront issues I previously had distractions for - particularly related to my anxiety and mental health, and the impact they had on my external relationships. It was on this bike ride that I found words to describe that experience.” The lyrics, while extremely personal, describe the universal struggle that each of us face to come to terms with our psychology in the search for inner peace. Hannah Noelle gracefully channels these words and feelings into a beautiful and poignant song. Instrumentally, the track features a consistent, drone-like raspy synth, and soft, reverb-drenched keys supported by intricate housey percussion and a full kick. Taken together, the song represents a delicate conversation, both internal and external; about the ways anxiety can manifest, the emotions associated with it, and the ebbs and flows of our collective human condition.
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